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Contents of journal 76
December 2011

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CREG Journal 76 (0-28) (PDF 10.9MB)     Individual articles may be available below
This issue has a cover date of December 2011, but was actually published on 23 January 2012. Please see CREG Forum: Newsletter, December 2011.
Newssheet (3)
Publication Schedule, Back Issues, The creg-announce Mailing List, 2012 Cave Technology Symposium.
We Hear (4-5)
Mike Bedford brings us the latest to impact the world of cave radio and electronics: Audio Clips at the British Caving Library, RF Energy Scavenging, Acoustic Cave Survey, LED Photo Lights, Shielding the Disto X, Robotic Worm, Rope Testing, Thermo-generators.
The Simplest Radiolocator (6-10)
Brian Pease has developed a short-range radiolocation and communication device that offers ease of construction and operation. Ideal for depths of 20-30m, this simple and compact device also offers extended battery life.
Cave Photography Using White LEDs (11-12)
Stuart France has been watching the advance of pocket cameras and white LEDs and he now sees a convergence useful to cave photographers.
ResCam and MineCam Updates (13-14)
Peter Eggleston describes updates to ResCam, a lightweight CCTV system designed to support underground rescue and exploration, and MineCam, which permits high quality video recording with a 3D viewfinder and gyro stabilisation.
Cave Technology Symposium 2011 (14-15)
The fifth BCRA Cave Technology Symposium was held in Derbyshire on 9th April 2011. Rob Gill summarises the meeting.
Two LED Video Luminaires (16-18)
Peter Eggleston describes the use of a Huey Jann 50W LED module to make a battery powered focusable spot light to fit a tackle bag. He also describes a flood lamp using six Cree XM-L LEDs that, with eight Li-ion cells, doubles the light output and reduces battery mass by factor of three compared with a previous design.
How to See Through Murky Water (19-23)
Mike Bedford reviews potential methods of optical imaging in turbid water.
Web Watch (24)
Peter Ludwig delivers another amazing list of links, ranging from unbelievably fast cameras, super-hydrophobic coatings and innovative mosquito killers to dangerously powerful lasers!
The Adventures of GREG (24)
Illustrations by Adrian Higgins with words by Mike Bedford.

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